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A Man You Should Know!

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

This is a man you should know: gentle, kind, tough, visionary. He is a great leader with a heart for growth and positivity. My favorite quality, though is his sense of humor and willingness to laugh every single day!

Dad & Me


My dad has a sense of humor ...

...and has instilled in me that laughter is necessary every day. In fact, before his open-heart surgery, a very complicated procedure, he told me his biggest worry about recovering was not being able to laugh for so long because of the stiches healing. Hearing and seeing my dad laugh is a gift every single time, not just for me, but others around him!


My dad absolutely loves, adores and cherishes my mom. They have been married 54 years and listening to him talk about her will make anyone blush. He readily admits he was pretty rough around the edges when they got married. He was 25 and she was 20 and shy. They have had a marriage that has sustained the death of their son, their parents, tornadoes, and farming ups and downs. And yet, the respect they have for each other is deeply profound. If I might say, he still thinks and is not shy about saying, my mom is quite the hottie! .

Forward Thinker

My dad is a thinker...

...which by the way he does when he’s sleeping! He is a quiet man, does a lot of praying about situations and thinking through all scenarios. He taught us to live today, but have a one-year, five-year and 20-year plan; looking ahead, keeping the future in mind. He applied this to their dairy operation, any board position he held, advising his children about career/family matters.

The Past

My dad has never been one to live in the past or replay those “when I was in high school stories”; yet lately, as he told me recently, he is telling more of these stories. As a forward thinker, he wants to be sure we, his kids and his grandkids, hear the stories so that when he is no longer here, they will know their history. I just learned that while in the Army, he played basketball against a team in prison. Yeah, true story!

Giving Back

He has been on bank boards, school boards, county boards and farm bureau boards in the course of his years as a community member. Why? Because he cares about his community and the people and its future. It takes thought and wisdom and time to keep communities going. Some would look at him and say; Oh he’s just a small time dairy farmer. That’s right, he is a small-town dairy farmer, BUT the difference is that he continued to educate himself with experiences and opportunities to learn from others and bring that back to those boards. He and my mom have invested time, talent and resources!


Why do I think my dad is so wise?

He is slow to anger. He continually learns from others. He listens. He reads and gathers information before making decisions. He is reflective and discerning. He is kind. He is tough when the situation calls for it. He has high expectations. He has years of experiences with all types of people. He is amazing with kids. He has an abundance mentality, not a scarcity. He is not selfish. He is patient. He leads by example and does not ask people to do what he is not willing to do.


God is number one in my dad’s life...

... and has been since his 30s. My mom is the second most important person in my dad’s life. His kids come third! My dad is a man with his priorities in order and those are the roots from which I come!

Saying yes to a Tennessee road trip with my dad was the best YES ever! I will forever treasure those hours with him!

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