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I draw on over 30 years of real, in the trenches experience, motivating audiences in public and private education, the agriculture industry, corporate America; non-profit organizations, the entrepreneurial space; and emerging science and technology industry. After years of observing and building rapport with each and every audience, I have the ability to connect with them at a deeper level. These authentic, engaging and humorous messages have a direct impact on each audience, shifting their perspective and moving them to take action.

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Passionate about
inspiring others

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When we look back over the courses of our lives and consider the non-linear, sometimes unexpected paths we foraged to get where we are, we can always identify common themes that took us from one step to the next. We can think of those themes as seeds that we planted when we were young, took root as we matured, and continue to grow deep and strong to keep us grounded through the twists and turns of life. Inherently, we cultivate those roots with values and experiences that nurture us to grow. But external forces, other humans, and self-doubt can stifle our potential to bloom.

I am a dairy farmer’s daughter from Jasper County, Illinois. Agriculture is woven into my core and is one of my own essential life themes. Harnessing and transforming natural resources to feed and power the world is the function of agriculture. The values at the heart of agricultural innovation resonate with me deeply: a profound respect and awe of nature, a commitment to responsibly utilize our earth’s resources, and equity for all of humanity.

Empathy drives my natural inclination to engage with people. It fundamentally drives me to guide people towards positive change. I believe connection and being heard motivate people to problem solve and to seek transformation. With more than 30 years of leadership development, training, and public speaking experience, I have impacted and inspired thousands of my fellow humans to seek positive transformation in their personal and professional capacities.

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