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​Tel: 217 369 0637


From the first time I stepped in front of people, I knew I had the gift of speaking. In fact, as early as age five or six, I was given the nickname Hollywood because I was so animated and lively and could talk to anyone at any time. That has served me well, because at the core of my being, I am a small-town dairy-farm girl reaching beyond the boundaries of my upbringing, yet keeping the traditional values of rural communities. I have been referred to as an Innovative Traditionalist.

I am incredibly passionate and inordinately curious about people’s lives. Some might call that nosy, but I truly see people through a lens of wonder and am fascinated by their experiences. When I have a conversation with people, I want them to feel like they are being listened to in a way that no one has ever listened. I believe everyone has a unique a story to tell that can have an impact on many. As a speaker, I am the vehicle for sharing that story.


I have a diverse professional background and have flourished in many sectors: public and private education; corporate America; non-profit; entrepreneurial endeavors; and the nuclear-plasma/particle accelerator space.

My personal and professional experiences have afforded me an innate talent for bringing people and situations to life in a way that makes those around me feel comfortable, understood and equipped and motivated to move forward in their own journey.