From the minute I step onto the stage, I have the vision that you will be transformed and leave different than when you stepped into the room. As a speaker, I want you to see possibilities that you didn’t know were there. I want you to leave with a sense of wonder about the ordinary happenings in life. And I want you to have hope that in your circumstances, personally and professionally, that this is not where you will you stay.

As a speaker, I want my audience to b transformed/different when they are listening.  The vision I have is that within minutes, there is a warmth that begins to resonate. It’s as if the sun has burst out of the clouds after a long winter and begins to warm them, shine on their face and they see things as if for the first time, deeper richer colors of grass after the dormant winter; there is a refresher glow that comes over the room and they suddenly become so engage and know that whether they remember every point, that they are changed.


I want you (them) to see the possibilities in front of them, where they didn’t before and to experience wonder and hope each day.