"Cheryl was energetic, her enthusiasm was contagious, and she engaged and connected with the 250 employees we set before her. She spoke to them. She had their full attention. And she conducted a fun, interactive exercise to keep them involved and got them up out of their chairs! Cheryl told stories that resonated with our diverse employees. She made them think. She made them laugh—at her and at themselves. Cheryl accomplished what we asked of her and our meeting was successful as a result."

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Keynote Speaker

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It’s All About YOU!


What is the ONE thing in your life that will be with you forever, from birth to death?


YOU. You are the only constant in your life. Family, friends, significant others, colleagues, jobs, change, will come and go. But you take YOU with you everywhere you go, in private and in public.

If that is the case, then it really is all about YOU and leading yourself well. We discuss three components: curiosity, intentionality, and daily habits/rituals. Leading yourself well is critical to your longevity of peace and contentment.



"Although Cheryl was not a cancer survivor, she found a way to relate to a room full of cancer survivors; she had the audience laughing, listening, engaging, even singing, & maybe slightly dancing."


 Janilyn Travis

Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Public Speaking
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