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Balcony People

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

“The great thing about balcony people is that memory allows them to keep their seats in the balcony of our lives, even if we are separated from them physically.”

Steven Layne 10-9-15

remembering life's 'balcony people'
remembering life's 'balcony people'

Years ago, I read an article about a person who had made a list of thirty people he wanted to meet, among them were famous, rich, and high-profile people. Throughout his life, he had the chance to meet them all and expressed his disappointment. He shared in the article that he was talking with God about this and God’s response was, “You made the wrong list. Make another list, number it to 30, leave it blank. I will fill it in.” Meeting those thirty people did not leave him disappointed.

This story combined with the concept of balcony people prompted me to reflect. Who is currently in my balcony? Who has been in my balcony in the past? Who will be in my balcony in the next seasons of my life? Who are those people and what are the purposes they’ve served in my life?

Then I wondered, for whose balcony have I been chosen? Have I served well? Am I prepared to be a great balcony person like my favorite one?

What about you? Do you have a balcony full? How about a consistent person? Who has come and gone? How have they changed you and how have you encouraged them? Now is a wonderful time to reflect!

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