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"Cheryl was energetic, her enthusiasm was contagious, and she engaged and connected with the 250 employees we set before her. She spoke to them. She had their full attention. And she conducted a fun, interactive exercise to keep them involved and got them up out of their chairs! Cheryl told stories that resonated with our diverse employees. She made them think. She made them laugh—at her and at themselves. Cheryl accomplished what we asked of her and our meeting was successful as a result."

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Cheryl offers keynote presentations, in length of 30 minutes to an hour. See her core presentation offerings to get a feel for her areas of expertise. 


The focus of Cheryl’s coaching is transitions, albeit personal or professional. The transition can be from the past, present or upcoming: relating to taking a new job or assuming a new role, anticipating retirement, transition from college to that first job, or perhaps a life transition. 

CULTIVATE mastermind

The intention of a mastermind group is to bring together a variety of people from different ages, backgrounds, and life stages, with whom you would not otherwise have the opportunity to meet.The core focus of this mastermind is Purpose and Impact. 


Cheryl facilitates workshops for groups of 10 to 80. Topics include: 

  • Generations in the Workplace

  • Navigating Change

  • Power of Pause in a Noisy World

  • Strategic Planning 

  • Listening

Learn. Accomplish. Impact…Your Farm Legacy

Cheryl assists farm families as they navigate the process needed in order to transition a farm  from one generation to another. 


Evolve to Lead: Mastering You

There are very few projects that we work on for an entire lifetime. In fact, you are the only consistent in your life, from birth to death. Family, friends, colleagues, jobs will all come and go, but YOU go with you everywhere. If this is true, then why wouldn’t we want to become the best version of ourselves. How do we do that over time? This presentation provides encouragement and practical application with tools and resources for each person to implement as they become a leader others want to follow.



"Although Cheryl was not a cancer survivor, she found a way to relate to a room full of cancer survivors; she had the audience laughing, listening, engaging, even singing, & maybe slightly dancing."


 Janilyn Travis

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